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Here you will find the most recent promotional pet products.  You can find a full list of current promotions  under the “Promotions” category.  If a promotion has expired it  will  no longer be saved and unavailable to view.

    Alex & Me

    Alex, the world famous African Grey Parrot, is one of the most fascinating amazon alex_meanimal stories. Alex and research scientist Irene Pepperberg were regularly seen on TV and they shared an amazing bond. Even if you are not big on birds it doesn’t matter; it’s something special that everyone can appreciate.

    This bird really could communicate. I’m not talking about mimicking words, I’m talking about really understanding; cognitive communication. Sadly, Alex passed away of natural causes on Sept. 6, 2007 at a young 31 years-old. Since then another African Grey

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    Pet Friendly Accomodations - Never Been Easier

    We all know that when it comes to travel you can book your hotel reservations through a number of online mediums such as Priceline, Expedia, and Travelocity. But when you are traveling with your pet many of the hotels listed through those online services are not very pet friendly.

    But now you can book a room for you and your pet directly through No longer do you have to call and verify the hotel’s pet policies. makes it easy by showing the pet policies for each hotel in your search.

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    Pup Head Dog Potty

    G.W. Little has many great products just for the little dog. The Pup Head Dog Potty is ideal in situations where outdoor access may not be readily pup headavailable. A popular product among boaters for many years hence where the product originally got its name Pup “Head” Dog Potty.

    Approximately 30″ x 20″ you can easily place the pup head in a discreet place. The synthetic grass has an all-natural organic attractant, instant drainage, and antimicrobial properties to prohibit bacterial growth and reduce odor.

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    Immortalize Your Pet on a Magazine Cover

    This is such a fun product! You can design a personalized magazine cover of your favorite pet photo! The free online design tool is easy to use, you can customize the title and headlines to say whatever you want and then just print it, all in under 10 minutes. Or, have print and frame your magazine cover, shipping is free.

    There are other products you can choose to display your magazine cover on, i.e., poster, mouse pad, t-shirt, coffee mug. Reasonably priced from a simple

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